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Why Travel With Us?

Incredible tour guide; the real life Indiana Jones

Our guide Charlie Love and his family did something that most of us never do, yet should be doing everyday. They wrote down their stories. Amazing tales of life on the open range of Wyoming, about scientific discovery and of fantastic ancient cultures abroad. The Loves have chronicled a mountain of knowledge gained through exploration and experience. This is why we have something very special to offer our guests that other tour companies cannot; a real life Indiana Jones, and his amazing collection of family exploits. At The Wild Calls, we know there are other guides and countless tours to choose from. We are sure some of those tours will have exceptional experts, and offer memorable trips. However, at The Wild Calls we offer a vacation that is a woven into a tapestry of a story. A story that each of our guests get to write themselves into, and for a few short days live the life of an adventurer.

We love to learn; we love to teach

Think of the ultimate “show and tell” and you have us in a nutshell. We receive many compliments during our trips but the most common revolves around our excitement to share knowledge. There is no academic snobbery here.

Our staff is family, our guests soon will be

We really are family; Brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and dear friends make up our team. We want to get to know you and inspire you to join us as we explore together. Expect to make new friends.

We smile everyday because we love what we do

We have the best job in the world. We get to share what we love, go on adventures and see the world.

Ways your life will change
  • Mountains will never be the same again.
  • We will leave you craving to learn more.
  • The rock hound in you will be reborn.
  • Experiencing other cultures; no problem.
  • Finding out that you are still curious.
  • Storytelling will become a family favorite.
  • You begin to realize the vastness of time.
  • You may want to move to a tropical isle.
  • You will meet interesting people.
  • Your world perspective will change.
  • You will create life-long memories.

Learn. Explore. Experience.

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