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Meet Charlie

Charlie Love

Charlie Love is the reason The Wild Calls is even possible.

Charlie developed this tour over the years of his career, and brings a lifetime of experience to The Wild Calls. Charlie has a degree in Geology from Bates College, Maine and obtained his Masters at Montana State along with a minor in Biology. His MA in geology involved the geologic mapping of the Gros Ventre mountain range bordering Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He also holds a Masters in Archaeology from the University of Wyoming. Besides being a professor for 40 years Charlie has maintained a lead in fields of study pertaining to Glaciers and their ecological impacts as well as being regarded by many as the world’s leading authority on the archaeology of “Easter Island.” Because of his work related to Easter Island, Charlie was invited to spend a year working for the Smithsonian Institution and has presented his studies to numerous colleges and has lectured in Moscow, Belgium, Germany, and Great Britain.

Charlie’s love of the geology of Wyoming and its history is what makes him so special.

He comes from a prestigious line of Geologists and his family has been the subject of books and literature. Charlie’s father was regarded as one of the greatest Rocky Mountain field geologists of his generation and was the subject of one in a series of books written by John McPhee chronicling the geology of the U.S. titled “Rising from the Plains.”

His teaching and speaking style are second to none.

His charisma and intellect draw people to him like “a moth to the flame.” With Charlie’s help and direction The Wild Calls offers premier educational tours in Wyoming and beyond. Charlie has been guiding trips for over 40 years and has exposed countless students and other professionals to Wyoming’s amazing Geology. This business was Charlie’s dream and The Wild Calls wants you to keep on making it a reality.

11 Facts About Charlie
  • Rock climber in his early 20s.
  • 37 years of work on Easter Island.
  • Built and moved to scale standing Moai.
  • 12 close brushes with death.
  • Bartered for an extinct tiger skull.
  • Lived with headhunters on Java.
  • Saved a freighter from a reef collision.
  • Survived an avalanche in grad school.
  • 27 years researching glacier melt.
  • Mapped various Ahu in complete detail.
  • 05-06 World Record, Longest Eyebrows.

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