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Travel Safe

Here are some helpful travel safety tips that can keep you from becoming a victim of crime while visiting other countries.

Passport Information

When it come to travel abroad its all about your passport.  Here are some tips to help you prepare your travel documents and keep them safe! ·         Apply for your passport early!  It can take over 6 weeks to receive your passport. Passport numbers are needed when making...

What Not to Wear

Safety should always be a priority when traveling abroad. Here are some tips from Independent Traveler on what not to wear when traveling in order to avoid being singled out or drawing unnecessary attention that may result in crime. ·         Immodest clothing. It is wise to...

Foreign Currency

When you arrive at your destination you will need local currency. Many times there will be an ATM available in the airport, but this is not always the case, especially in developing countries.  Here are some options to make sure that you get the best exchange rates and are always...